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Cambuhat Oyster Village Tour


PersonsPer Person
2 - 35,270.00
4 - 63,635.00
7 - 92,865.00
10 - 132,755.00
14 - 172,305.00
18 - 202,200.00
21 - 302,105.00
31 - 401,880.00
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Tour Total: 10,500.00
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Why you should go

In this tour, you get to explore a village with a rich culture and resourcefulness. You get to experience a river cruise using a paddle boat going to the village. You will then be led to the oyster farm where a local guide will tell you of the process of growing oysters and its significance to their community. Then they let you taste their fresh harvest through a lunch buffet of seafood like fish, crabs and of course, oysters!

After the feast, locals will present cultural dances and songs that show the history and culture of their village. And you get to try their dances too. Then you get to have a walking tour where locals show their traditional way of loom-weaving and broom-making using buri, a local palm abundant in the area.

On driving back from the village to the City, you get to see the churches of Loon and Maribojoc. These old churches were built in 1853 and 1886 but on 2013 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake caused damage. They are in the process of rebuilding and rehabilitation.

Tour highlights

The highlight of this tour is hearing about the village source of livelihood - oyster farming while cruising in their river in a paddle boat. Another highlight also is the village walk tour which gives you an interesting perspective of the simple and industrious life the locals is living.

What to expect

Expect a long and fun river cruise under the sun, a full day and a full stomach! Expect small surprises from the locals. The trip also does not stop at the village since several points of interests are passed by on the way.


  1. Private airconditioned vehicle & paddle boat
  2. DOT Accredited Professional Tour Guide
  3. All applicable entrance/environmental fees
  4. local Lunch in Cambuhat


  1. Gratuities

Please Note

  • Pick-up/drop available at the hotel or resort
  • TOUR STARTS at 0700H
  • Paddled boat ride
  • Loom-weaving & broom-making
  • Harvesting Oyster
  • Spanish Watch Tower (Punta Cruz)