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If your stay in Bohol is limited due to prior engagements but you want to explore and experience an adventure. Book a Half day tour package with us now. Half day tours include tours in either Panglao, Abatan, or Tagbilaran City. You don't have to have a day to enjoy the best of Bohol. That's why we handpicked the best places where you can explore and immerse yourself. For half-day a day you will be able to enjoy it jam-packed.

Panglao, has the most wonderful coastlines that could rival Boracay. The islet has many other treasures other than its beaches. You can tour Panglao island and get the best out of it. Panglao is rich n caves full of stalactites and stalagmites. Cave pools are also found in the area which is just one of the awesome things you could find at Panglao! If you love the sea but don't have the time to go snorkeling, one way to see the sea without diving in it would be a tour to a personal seashell collection. Various seashells are collected and named. You don't just enjoy their beauty but gain knowledge from them as well.

If you want a relaxing trip, you could just take an hour long cruise in the Abatan River at the town of Cortes. You could view the majestic fireflies that flock the area. As you cruise along the calm river you would be able to pass along the mangrove trees where the fireflies reside. You would be mesmerized by the pulsating lights they emit that feels almost magical!

Bohol is definitely rich in history. The city has lots of beautiful structures dating back to Spanish era and Japanese era. The infrastructures that were built during the colonization are preserved with the help of tourism in the city. The high ceilings of the Church Cathedral, the Governor's mansion, the Bohol Museum, and more are the pride of the city. Learn various knowledge of the rich culture in Bohol.

With half a day your adventuring spirit will be fulfilled. It is like traveling less, but experiencing more!

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