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Chocolate Hills Adventure Park with Tarsier
An adventure - filled day in Bohol! If you are game for seeing the Chocolate Hills while riding on a bike suspended in the air or climb tightropes over treetops, then this tour is perfect for you. You get to see the tarsier and a Spanish - era church on the way too!
Countryside Tour
Behold the world-famous Chocolate Hills and the tarsier - world’s smallest primate. See and experience these and more!
Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) and Zipline
Make sure to take in the scenes of life on the riverbank! It’s a cool adventure.
Whole Day Tours

Travel Village Tours and Travel offer the best quality experience every tourist should have. We offer whole day tours that would provide the quality service for the best value. One way to behold Bohol and it's scenic places is to immerse yourselves for a whole day in it. Experience all of the authentic beauty Bohol has to offer.

The whole day tours provide the most fulfilling trips. We offer trips whether to magnificent islands or to the adventure-filled countryside. The tour packages has a variety of options depending on the location. The choices available are guaranteed only for your satisfaction.

Pamilacan Marine Life Tour
A fun day of exploring Bohol’s diverse marine life at Pamilacan Island!
Island Excursion (Balicasag)
Bohol has one of the richest marine life in the country.
Cambuhat Oyster Village Tour
Explore a village with so much culture and resourcefulness! Paddle through their river and be amazed by their livelihood and traditions.
Danao Adventure Tour
As they say, "You don't play for the rides, you pay for the experience." Enjoy dozens of thrilling adventures in their fantastic rides.
Half Day Tours

If you have a limited time in your stay at Bohol and you want a wonderful experience? Not to worry, we offer half day tours to the delightful spots in Bohol.
Go swimming, watch fireflies, and enjoy touring the city!